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The PRIDE Reading Program is based on the Orton-Gillingham method of reading instruction. Orton-Gillingham was developed specifically to teach struggling and non-readers how to read, write, spell and comprehend. While the program works with all students, it is especially successful for students with dyslexia, auditory and visual processing disorder, speech deficits and other learning differences.

By presenting one skill at a time and practicing it until the student can apply automaticity and fluency, students will no longer gaps in their word-decoding skills.

The lessons are given in a structured and orderly fashion. The student is taught a skill and doesn’t progress to the next skill until the current one is mastered. And, as students learn new information, they continue to review old material until it is stored in their long-term memory.

What is Structured Literacy?

Structured literacy instruction must include these elements:
• Phonology
• Sound Symbol Association
• Syllable Instruction
• Morphology
• Syntax
• Semantics
• Systematic
• Cumulative
• Explicit
• Diagnostic Teaching

Right Brain Tutor, LLC
Right Brain Tutor, LLC

Specialized Tutoring

Not all tutors have specific training for instructing students with learning differences. These students often need specialized tutoring programs.

My Educational Therapy training has prepared me to offer specialized coaching to help students increase knowledge and instill comprehension. With personalized attention, I track and monitor the progress of my students and share this information with you, the parent.