Online Reading Tutor

Reading Tutor For Kids With Learning Differences

Creating a learning curriculum to meet your child's educational goals can be overwhelming, especially if they have learning differences like ADD, ADHD, Autism, or other communication challenges. Finding the right tutor can make a significant difference.

At Right Brain Tutor, LLC, I am dedicated to helping your child succeed in every aspect of their education. I offer online tutoring that supports your child’s reading with ease, empathy, and devoted attention. My specialized online tutoring for kids with learning differences is designed to help them thrive academically.

A Trusted Tutor for Your Child

Learning differences can make simple tasks more challenging, and as a parent, you want your child to succeed and reach their educational goals.

Right Brain Tutor, LLC, established in 2021, is deeply committed to helping children with learning differences recognize their unique learning styles. Instead of viewing these differences as problems, I will teach your child to embrace them as strengths. I provide personalized online tutoring sessions by first understanding each child's specific educational needs.

Using this insight, I create a multisensory learning experience tailored to their learning style. My sessions are interactive, fun, empathetic, and understanding, all designed to help your child succeed.

My tutoring services are an excellent resource for elementary-aged children, helping them develop lifelong learning habits. I use the Pride Reading Program, based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, to make learning engaging and exciting.

Your Committed Educator at Right Brain, LLC

To learn more about my services and to schedule your child’s first tutoring session, call me at (925) 998-2688 or fill out my online form. I look forward to helping your child achieve their educational goals and providing a tutoring experience they will truly enjoy.